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It’s definitely a seller’s market again. I wouldn’t say it’s 2005 or 2006 but with multiple offers and bidding wars starting to be the norm, you’d almost believe it was. I have recently spoken with many agents that have been putting in full price offers and actually seen a multiple offer situation in the first day the house was put on the market.So does that mean it’s time for you to re-list your home once again? Were you one of the people that tried to sell your house a few years ago only to see it sit there and collect dust as you watched your neighbors lose money or short sale theirs? I can tell you locally Charleston, SC realtors will gladly tell you the real estate market is booming again. I sold a house a few weeks ago and my buyers offered $5000 over list price because there was a multiple offer situation and bidding war brewing.Today I wrote an offer just $4000 under original list price and the home had only been listed on the market for 2 days. The listing agent had 3 agents with 3 showings lined up for the next day all chomping at the bit to show it. I am not the only realtor in Charleston to run into this scenario.If for some reason you are still waiting on the market to get better it’s time you start to reconsider it. Relisting is defined as having a 90-day gap between the time the property goes off the market and when it comes back. If you live in downtown Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, or any of the local islands please let me help you re-list your home for sale and actually get it sold. 

Here are some simple steps to follow when we assess re-listing your home to sell:

1.) Analyze what the possible reasons were that the home didn’t sell the first time. Charleston, SC real estate agent James Schiller states: “Sellers should without question consider the comments received from agents and buyers from the first time they put the home up for sale”. If you got back enough good feedback from the first time it was listed and you received similar comments then make sure to correct what you can before putting it up again.2.) If your feedback are things like buyers said bedrooms were too small, yard was too big, or something that isn’t feasible to change easily or afford-ably make sure to take care of the small items. Sellers should know what to fix when selling their house and preparing it for showings is key.3.) Believe it or not staging and design go a long way. If your house was vacant the first time, make sure it’s not the second time around. It is hard for a prospective buyer to see themselves, their furniture in a home without having some frame of reference.4.) You don’t necessarily have to get a new realtor to sell your house, but at least think long and hard about the real estate agent you used the first time. If the home didn’t sell the first time it might not have been the home’s fault.5.) Real estate marketing is absolutely key. Today’s digital marketing  arena is so vast, and ever changing that most agents can’t keep up. There are so many different methods, media outlets, websites, methodologies, and tricks one must make sure that they leave no stone unturned. The first place to start is great photos. With the cell phone technology having 12 mega pixels cameras on them there is NO excuse why you and your agent shouldn’t have a minimum of 10 high resolution photos. If you don’t trust your own skills then for a couple hundred dollars it’s worth hiring a professional. It is a crime to see only a few blurry photos taken in poor light on MLS. That is the fastest way for a buyers agent not to show your house or for buyers to pass right by your home when searching the internet.Following these simple steps should help you get your home sold faster and for a higher price.   

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  • Jimmy was extremely patient with us. I believe we looked at every possible house in our price range over several months. Jimmy was willing to meet us any day, any time. He always had knowledge of the builder of the house and the neighborhood. When we finally found the one, Jimmy helped every step of the way, and is still willing to answer questions months after we moved in. I would recommend him to anyone. – (Zillow)

    Tyler & Krysta Lamb
  • James was great at keeping me in the loop about what was going on with our builder, and explaining the entire process of buying a home. He would often call to give me an update or check in to see if I needed anything. – (Zillow)

    Brent & Elysia Mason
  • James has been working with my wife and I on our first home purchase, including helping us with advice on getting our credit improved legitimately, mortgage information and local area home values. He’s gone the extra mile to get my family into a new home and I’m very appreciative and recommend him highly to anyone looking to purchase their first or their next home. – (Zillow)

    David & Robyn Haertel
  • James went above and beyond as our realtor in Charleston. There was no time wasted looking a properties that he knew we wouldn’t be interested in. Buying a home with James has been more then pleasurable. Highly Recommended! – (Zillow)

    Brad Redding
  • James is an extremely knowledgeable realtor and my husband and I will definitely recommend him to anyone we know house hunting in the area! James listened to our wants and needs to help us find not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood too. We are 100% satisfied with our experience with James. He was extremely attentive and always responsive when we had questions that pertained to our dream home. He is an exceptionally hard worker, and will go above and beyond what it takes to make sure his clients are happy! – (Zillow)

    Gabrielle Shultz
  • James was recommended through Zillow when we started looking to relocate to South Carolina. Know the area very well and his negotiations were great. He helped us locate a new home in the area and budget we were looking for.

    Vince & Joanne Tedeschi
  • We count our lucky stars that we found James! We had been casually looking at homes in the Charleston, SC area online from our home on Long Island, NY; we wanted an escape from the winters here. He was everything a great Real Estate Agent should be but often isn’t: honest, hard-working, knowledgeable of the area, quick to respond, tenacious, friendly, and most of all, patient.  I would highly recommend him to anyone remotely interested in buying a home in the Charleston area; it will be the best choice you’ll ever make! (Zillow)

    Carla & Chuck Davis
  • I found James Schiller to be very knowledgeable and helpful in trying to locate the right property for me. He did not waste time trying to show or talk me into properties that he knew would be unacceptable for me. James let me know that he understood the values in Mt. Pleasant’s markets well; and that he was not one of those local Real Estate Agents that is just out to lead buyers to over-reach their budgets and make them believe they are supposed to overpay. James lets you know he is looking out for the Buyer’s interests. He is knowledgeable, personable, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his Professional services. (Zillow)

    Sandra Bregman
  • James is a fantastic realtor and was great to work with in finding and closing on our Isle of Palms home. Our search took a total of 10 months as we start looking at fractionals, made several offers on different properties and finally closed on our beach house. Along the way James was a great partner and provided us with tremendous advice. I would highly recommend him as a highly knowledgeable and professional real estate professional. – (Zillow)

    Steve Brown
  • James was a stellar agent. My wife and I used him to buy a new home in 2013 and we literally couldn’t be happier. This house was very sought after and we were able to get it under contract the same day for less than list price. The listing agent told us that our agent was very smart in the way he got the contract ratified because she had tons of other agents that buyers willing to pay over list price. I can’t say Thanks enough to him. – (Google +)

    Scott & Debbie Rosiak
  • I recently sold my townhouse through James and had a great experience! He was low pressure and walked me through each step as this was my first property sale. I am using him for the purchase of my next home as well. James always answered the phone when I called and we is quick to answer any questions I had. I would recommend his service to others. – (Google +)

    Mike Wise

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